entrance turnstiles

Someone forgot to tell you that you still need to make an effective exit. Not only for you, it is for their good too. All good and well that customers are being given more encouragement to make a grand entrance through their fine entrance turnstiles but you still need to get home and get the supper started before your kids arrive home from school. And that’s the thing about turnstiles these days. You will even find them at your public schools.

It is necessary, unfortunately. It is for everyone’s good. And so to the schoolmasters and shopkeepers this note must turn. Let this serve as a short reminder on why it is so important to have turnstiles installed at your establishment. It is commendable that you have security staff contracted in to look after your premises, your stock, your staff complement, and most importantly, your customers. But no matter how dedicated and well trained they are, your fine men and women, all of them quite brave, are still quite human.

That means that no matter how experienced and vigilant they are, it can never be easy to keep their roving eyes on all the passersby. The turnstiles, both entrance and exit apparatus, deliberately help slow things down a bit. This is especially important for peak traffic hours. The turnstiles deliberately slow the traffic down. It encourages crowd control. Some people usually find this quite irritating (they always seem to be in such a hurry) but they should understand that this is all for their own good.

Just remember, whether you are shopkeeper, a school principal, or even a mall patron, the security turnstiles are there for your own benefit. They help to keep you safe and secure.