Before, During and After a Flood: What You Should Do

Flooding is one of the most common natural disasters occurring in the US today and as a resident of Tampa, the risks are even greater. The close proximity to the ocean causes the increased risk of flooding at your home. Although Tampa is a beautiful city and lovely place to call home, it is important that you take seriously the risk of a flood and prepare yourself. You might want to consider contacting a professional for flood zone removal Tampa as well.

It is important to keep your radio and/or television on to hear the latest information if a flood or storm is suspected. Being in the know is important and this is the easiest way to get earliest notification of problems. You can find more time to prepare for the flood when you have this information.

Before a flood occurs, you can begin preparing by constructing barriers that will prevent the waters from entering your home, or at least to a point. Beams and flood walls are two of the most common types of barriers you can create. Make sure that the basement walls are sealed with waterproof compounds so there is no leakage as well.

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If a flood is on the way, make sure that you are prepared with a packed bag of important items such as medications, driver’s license, etc. This is needed in case you are evacuated. Make sure that you adhere to evacuation warnings as well.  Always move to higher ground when there is a threat of a flood.

When the flood strikes, make sure you stay out of moving water. As little as six inches of moving water can cause a fall and accident. Walk in areas where you can feel firm ground underneath you.  Do not drive your automobile during a flood and avoid flooded areas if you are in the car. If waters rise around the car, do not hesitate to abandon the vehicle.