Sightseeing at the nation’s capital can be both a joyous and educational experience. Throughout the city, there are various landmarks, museums, and monuments to see, all of which serve to give a glimpse of the symbols and principles that founded the nation. With so much to see and to appreciate, it helps to have some guidance as to where to go, when to visit, and what else is new that hasn’t been seen before. There’s always lots to see and much more to learn with every visit of the capital.

The first places that come to mind during a visit are the White House and the Capital Building.  As both the residence and the place of work for both the President and the executive staff, the Whitehouse is a place of unique historical value and American symbolism. Having housed every president except George Washington, it holds a singular place in the heart of American culture as it represents the seat of American power and liberty.

A visit to the United State Capital Building is another worthwhile stop during a DC tour bus ride, one of several offered to tourists and visitors. Its where both chambers of Congress meet to debate various bills and legislative proposals before they become laws. Visitors can even see some Congressional proceedings and committee hearings since they are open to the public. In our representative democracy, it is fitting that these places of power be accessible by the very people that elected them to be there, to represent the many voices and concerns of their respective districts and states.

DC tour bus

Visiting the capital isn’t complete without also seeing the many museums and monuments around. There’s the Smithsonian museums and other government buildings that can be accessed by the public during these tours. Getting to see the Pentagon, the Supreme Court, and the Library of Congress are just some of the many places that ought to be seen firsthand.